Monday, 24 September 2018

Sent Out to Sell PAPUA. coffee with No Basic Skills or Knowledge

Many might think or. business started with enough knowledge,  skill and even financial capitals.  I Jhon Yonathan Kwano must honestly acknowledge that it started empty handed.

I was a single flighter sent into Java sea of coffee life,  without any clue of what might turn out.

When I was appointed I first of all asked myself why me.  Fair enough the Baliem Arabica coop members thought all who speak English like myself will know many things.

They were wrong because I had no knowledge no skill and even I did mot drink coffee myself.

The first thing I asked from tue coop was to stoo exporting and start selling all to Indonesian buyers.

The frst thing I did after renting a house in Maguwoharjo Depok Sleman JOGJAKARTA was promoting the coffee online by prtchasing and three months later purchasing

For six months I did not sense anything was happening. i promoted online and also I distributed green beans to various cafes in Yogyakarta.

Then qe were also invited to participate in various coffee events in Jakarta and JOGJAKARTA.

I repeatedly tokd myself to trust my tribal eldera who have no idea about coffee, marketing, business and so on.  Right now we are one of the coffee players in West Papua.

Right now I write this article on my way to Port Moresby to learn marketing and sales skills that are very well set up and ready for global market.

This trip to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea will give me clue on how KSU Baliem Arabica promote and sell Baliem Blue Coffee to Melanesian market.

I personally can see clearly this is new challenge whole sets of circumstances around Melanesia,  Wantok System,  business and politics.

By politics I mean the business politics from governments in West Papua, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Melanesian Spearhead Grouop (MSG)

My prayer is that only God's will and the will of my elders will prevail, but not those of mine.

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