Friday, 19 October 2018

Learning from Achievements of Papua Coffee in Papua New Guinea

I did not have any clue at all about Papua New Guinea in general and PNG Coffee in particular until I visited PNG two times so far.

What I learned so far is a reality that tje coffee business on the eastern side of thr Isle of New Guinea has gone very far, if I am avoidingwto say too far,  from the reality and progress of coffee business in West Papua.

First of all,  coffee business in West Papua just started with the funding assistance of USAID AMARTA since 2007, while on the othet side of the Island started the coffee business since 1980s,  more than 20 years ahead.

Firstly really I felt discouraged to think and do anything about coffee from West Papua but I told myself to be optimistic and step forward. The reason is simple,  coffee business in this islandwis already on top of world business activities thus what I shoukd do is to join what PNG has achieved so far and continue the journey.

I then decided to sell coffee from New Guinea not just from western part,  not ezcluding coffee from eastern part of the Isle of New Guinea  I am now ready to sell my New Guinea Coffees

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